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The Firm “TRADE LINKS” was founded in the year 1998 with its small operation as a commission agent for paper trading in Delhi (INDIA).

Now since last six years the firm is involved in to trading as well as have stepped in Indenting / Imports & Conversion of all kind of Paper, Boards & Films sourced across the globe with there operations in New Delhi, India.

Sheet Cutting
Reel-to-Sheet Cutting
Reel-to-Reel Rewinding
Warehousing with complete tailor made conversion from imports to delivery of finished material in desired routine & customized packing.
Trade Links is a young company, only a few years old, but its roots go back to year 1998.
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This is a utility that lets you calculate lengths, diameters, weights, and costs, as well as, count reels and sheets.
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· Carbon Less Paper
· Graphical Papers
· Stock-Lots
· Coated Wood Free Paper & Board
· Wood Free Uncoated Paper & Board
· Waste Paper